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A room escape game is a form of functional gaming that gets all participants involved. It offers a novel way to hang out and it allows you to learn new things about you as well as your fellow participants. Room escape games call for problem-solving skills, cleverness, creativity and cooperation. The participants play the game in a locked room or chamber they need to escape within 60 minutes. You escape the room by solving puzzles and fulfilling assignments. Playing is fun and intense – and you will get hooked! Room escape games are all about cooperation and working things out together.



1) Book a time.


2) Show up 10 minutes before the game.


3) Game begins and you will remain locked in the room/chamber for 60 minutes.


4) Find the clues and solve the puzzles.


5) Escape and celebrate your team’s success!


1) Friends and family – a fun way to spend time together and learn about yourself as well as others!

2) Tourists and travelers – play a game to enhance your travel experience!

3) Party guests or companies! Arrange an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party or celebrate a birthday in a new way! Bring co-workers together to improve cooperation skills or use a room escape game to test new recruits!

4) All gamers, whether console or board game enthusiasts! Experience a new way to play games!

We can have up 20 people playing at the same time! Cafe Asema’s meeting area is also in use.


Ask about todays free times puh. 044 7732738

You can book Brave Aino also in English

Risto's cruise

Risto’s Cruise (2-5 persons)

The atmosphere at the harbor is effervescent. Once again, cruise director Risto is ready to welcome new passengers on board – just like he has for the past 15 years. This Savo area local knows his way around the Merilinja boat and is on top of everything that goes on with his crew and the entertainment programs. But today, black clouds hover over the departure, since the key to the door of the taxfree shop has gone missing! Risto fears a full blown catastrophe is on its way – how are people now going to get the eagerly awaited perfumes for their mother-in-laws, retail-priced chocolates and gifts to the next door neighbours! He enlists your help in getting the spare key from his cabin. Risto and the entire cruise ship trust you! Welcome aboard! Stig ombord!

Urhea Aino

Brave Aino (2-7 persons)

Aino – a Lotta, a female paramilitary volunteer at the Finnish Continuation War – receives a grave message from the front: her husband’s military unit has been ambushed. Heartstrong and brave Aino heads for the Finnish Army base to look for her husband’s personal items as well as something to remember her loved one by. However, at the base she is met with a surprise as the Russian troops have occupied the premises. Aino is taken captive and she gets locked into a shed to wait for an official interrogation. Can you find a way out of this desperate situation? And can you recover the personal items of Aino’s beloved husband.

Kikan Korjaamo

Kikka’s Garage (2-6 persons)

Kikka is a sweet and fair car mechanic with her own business. You have known each other for years and she has rescued you many times when your car has decided to call it quits in the middle of nowhere. It is impossible not to love her!

All of a sudden your phone rings. It is Kikka and she sounds desperate. For the first time ever, she asks for your help. Kikka explains quickly that she urgently needs a red folder located somewhere in her garage and that there is a taxi coming to pick the folder up in an hour. An hour and she could still have a chance– — — — she then bursts into tears and the phone call is disconnected. You have one hour to help her out! An hour to find Kikka’s mysterious red folder and to exit the garage tom meet the taxi


2 players 39 e/per person (total 78 e)

3 players 33 e/per person (total 99 e)

4 players 29 e/per person (total 116 e)

5 players 26 e/per person (total 130 e)

6 players or more 24 e/per person

When booking a game, the number of players does not have to be fixed – you can change the number of players if you do not exceed the maximum number of players. Payments are made via a debit/credit card immediately after the game. We do not accept cash. Businesses have billing options.

Our payment options:

Smartum TYKY ePassi EdenredEasy Break

We offer a student discount of -5 euros per player. The same discount is valid for school children and the elderly. Children under the age of 10 can play for free with paying players.


Buy a gift card according to the amount of euros 10 €, 20 € 30 € 40 € 50 or according to the number of players in the game 2-6 people.
The gift card is sent to the subscriber’s e-mail or post and is valid for 6 months from the order.

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Are the games scary?

Our games are exciting but not scary. You can get out of the game room or chamber at any time if you wish. The game master follows your gameplay and is available in case of an emergency.  

How do you pay for the game?

You pay at the game location via debit/credit card after the game.  

Who are the games for?

Arwoitus room escape games are for everyone. Families are welcome, but because of the challenging nature of most of the assignments, the age recommendation is +12 years. However, at least one player has to be over 16 years old. Room escape games are cooperation games and they require a team effort. The games are a great way for f.ex. companies to spend a recreational day together – or they can add to a company Christmas party fun! Or you can even test new company recruits!  

How to prep for a game?

You do not need strength or superpowers to complete the assignments. All your team needs are common sense, perseverance and creativity. Keep an open mind and take on our enigmas!  

What is life’s greatest mystery?

The team is still undecided on this. We are waiting for your input at the game location!  

Can I play a game in English?

Yes you can! Please announce it when you book the game. In Kuopio you can play Brawe Aino in English.  

What happens if I can’t escape the room?

Well, you might feel a bit disappointed. The game master will let you out of the room and discuss the solution of the game with you. Usually disappointment fuels determination, so you may end up wanting to try another room!  

Can I bring alcoholic beverages in the game room/chamber?

You will need all your senses and a clear mind to solve the mystery of each room/chamber. It is best to hit the brewskies after the game – and hopefully in celebration of your team’s success!  

How can I cancel a booked game?

You can cancel your game booking two (2) days earlier via e-mail or by phone. All cancellations after this time are subject to a fee of 50 euros. Booked games that are not cancelled (”no-shows”) are charged in full.  

I think I got hooked. What should I do next?

We welcome you as a new fellow gamer! Get into cracking a new mystery in a new room/chamber as soon as possible!  


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